Exa DigitalROCK

Exa DigitalROCK

Exa DigitalROCK™: A breakthrough in rock property analysis

Critical reservoir engineering decisions for oil and gas firms – including well placement, completions intervals, stimulation techniques, enhanced oil recovery (EOR) strategies, and other field development operations – require solid data about how reservoir fluids interact with the surrounding formation rock.

Exa DigitalROCK provides a virtual sample analysis lab for determining critical flow-related rock properties.  Extensively validated on both academic test cases and real rock, Exa DigitalROCK offers a fast, cost-effective alternative to physical lab testing. It dramatically accelerates the painstaking, months-long process of physically testing core samples – and its reproducible results improve the consistency and scope of the analysis.

Exa DigitalROCK is offered on the ExaCLOUD – with no software or hardware needed to upload rock images, run analyses, and get results. On-premise software is also available, and Exa offers full, project-level support and delivery from our expert team of scientists and engineers. 

Leverage a fast, cost-effective, and reproducible alternative to physical lab testing
Assess the potential for EOR, production, stimulation, and completion
Work with even a small rock sample; a whole core is not required
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for perforation analysis
of a Steady-State KR Simulation
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